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Latest New Saree Design Trends 2018


Latest New Saree Design Trends 2018. All Indian Women have a very special place reserved in their hearts for the Saree. How we looked on with awe when our mothers and grandmothers draped a saree. While we watched enthralled, none of us could ever imagine doing that!

Maybe, having accomplished the mighty task of actually carrying off a sari contributes to our attachment to it.

Designers have changed this classic drape into a modern piece of attire which is a must-have for all occasions. While most Indian festivities dictate a traditional code of attire, the sari is open to different interpretations.

Perhaps this is why every woman needs to know the latest new saree trends 2018.

Get ready for 8 yards of awesomeness!

1. The Lehenga Saree

The Lehenga Saree 2018
The Lehenga Saree 2018

The lehenga style saree or the lehenga saree is a fusion of two ethnic Indian outfits merged into one beautiful, easy-to-wear garment. With a skirt that brings the lehenga element of the dress into play, the pallu refers to the saree whereas the top-wear can be inspired from either. Emerging as the latest party wear outfit, lehenga style sarees offer the best of both worlds i.e. the elegance of the saree and the convenience of a lehenga. Both on and off the runway, lehenga style sarees are marking the latest innovations in Indian ethnic fashion.

2. Sarees and Jackets

Sarees and Jackets 2018
Sarees and Jackets 2018

This whacky combination is actually taking off faster than you could ever imagine. This Indo-western combination works great for the slight nip in the weather. This can be paired with almost any kind of saree and adds that extra bit of bling that you are looking for any festival. Pick out embroidered or hand-woven jackets with ethnic work to bring out the best in your attire. Kutch work jackets are preferred over anything else and they look absolutely stunning.

3. Saree Gown

Saree Gown 2018
Saree Gown 2018

Saree gown is a fusion of the Indian Saree and the western gown. It is a gorgeous silhouette for women who wish to drape a Saree without any trouble of draping and in an effective manner. This hassle free saree cum gown outfit, also known as pre-stitched saree can be zipped up in a jiffy without worrying about getting the pleats right!

4. The Half and Half Saree

The Half and Half Saree 2018
The Half and Half Saree 2018

A half and half saree is an innovation that has been made to the original saree, which is a rectangular fabric at least 5 meters in length. The half and half saree is so named because of the contrasting color of one half of the saree with the other half. While the elements of draping this saree remain the same, the color schemes are dual in nature and are meant to contrast each other. These types of sarees are very popular as Indian party wear and a number of women can be seen wearing them on occasions such as weddings, graduations and anniversary parties.

5. Floral Saree

Floral Saree 2018
Floral Saree 2018

Florals never go out of style. These petite patterns never fail to brighten up the mood. Floral prints work best on sarees and you can get them done in combinations of your favourite bloom. Gujarati, Kashmiri and Parsi floral embroidery is intricately beautiful and works great with chiffon and georgette sarees. You can go the whole mile and accessorise yourself with a real rose or orchid in the hair and leave it at that. Au naturale!

6. Pre Stitched Saree

Pre Stitched Saree 2018
Pre Stitched Saree 2018

Pre-stitched or ready to wear sarees add convenience to grace. These sarees are crafted so ingeniously that they can be worn in a one-step process, just like putting on a skirt. Also, you don’t need to buy a petticoat separately because pre-stitched saree comes with the attached stitched petticoat.

Indeed, it takes approximately 15 seconds to slip into the pre-stitched saree. But draping the normal saree sets the wearer back by 7 to 10 minutes. The piece de resistance: once worn, the pre-stitched saree looks exactly like the conventional saree.

7. Digital Prints Saree

Digital Prints Sarees 2018
Digital Prints Sarees 2018

The diametric opposite of handloom weaves is digital prints. These quirky sarees come in a variety of prints ranging from pretty floral designs to fancy animal prints. You can opt for a sketch of your favourite skyline on your saree or prints of your favourite passage or poem.

Modern and chic, digital prints can be worn for casual as well as formal occasions to create an impression. How cool will it be if you walk in a saree designed with digital coding prints?

8. Ombre or Dual Toned Saree

Dual Toned Saree 2018
Dual Toned Saree 2018

An ombre or dual colour saree is a saree that show cases two different colors. The placement of the colors and the hues depends on the creativity of the designer. A dual tone saree is an innovative take on the conventional saree, which is considered a great example of India’s rich and beautiful cultural heritage.

This blend showcases a more contemporary flavor and appeals to women across the globe. Since there have been many innovations, improvisations and revivalist movements in the Indian crafts industries, especially those related to the saree, tweaking the hues seems like a simpler innovation. However, its effects are actually more widespread than other forms of ethnic innovations in the saree.

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